We use our expertise to help you sculpt a brand that entices your audience and stands the test of time.



Gray Perspective offers creative solutions to your business problems. We utilize custom built websites, analytics tools, and content strategies to help you achieve the success you deserve. We help you build custom strategies to get you noticed and make you money doing what you love.

Logo Design
Your logo is often a consumer’s first impression of your products or services. Our designers craft a logo that perfectly reflects the intent of your company and appeals to your target audience. The goal is to give you a logo that is recognizable, impactful, and timeless.
Brand Identity
We design and extend your organization’s brand identity. A brand identity is the larger, distinct visual look that is associated with a company. This includes a logo, typography, color scheme, and may include the optional brand style guide and mood board.
Colours have cultural and psychological significance, and they can say a lot about your business. Consumers will see the colours you use in your brand and will make an assumption about your company based on them. Pick the colours that illicit the right response from your audience.
Fonts can make you look modern or outdated. At Gray Perspective, we can help you select the best fonts for your brand and needs. Looking for a font-based logo? We can provide a custom font in order to give your brand a unique look.
Image Creation
We create compelling illustrations, photographs, and graphics to accompany your brand.
Business Consulting
We can help you with your business’ pains. We use our unique perspective to guide you to the success you deserve.

Work with our Team of talented professionals

Robert is the founder of Gray Perspective and manages a network of talented professionals that are motivated to provide excellent websites to our clients. Robert began his career as a software developer turned graphic designer specializing in web design and digital marketing. In 2011 Robert began the bachelor of computer science program at the University of New Brunswick. During that period he worked for faculty of Education at UNB developing dynamic web applications and responsive websites. He then went on to work as a graphic designer, digital marketing specialist, and eventually found Gray Perspective.  Robert J. Gray

Founder, Gray Perspective

Vena Carr is a graphic designer specializing in branding, marketing, print, and illustration. In the spring of 2017, Vena graduated with honours from the Graphic Design program at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. She then went on to become a freelance designer and worked closely with the Atlantic Centre for Creativity and other factions of the University of New Brunswick. Vena also participated in the Artrepreneur-in-Residence program at Planet Hatch, after which she joined Gray Perspective. Vena Carr

Designer, Gray Perspective

Our Process & Workflow.

We take the time to learn about your business. We learn your pains and your triumphs. With that information, we build elegant solutions that play to your unique strengths.

Project Research
Who are you as an organization? Who are your customers? What does sucesss look like to you? What does failure look like to you? We ask probing questions to get to the root of your organization to assess your needs and remedy your pains.
We produce working diagrams of our projects before the design phase to test the usibility of the platform. In this phase we would conduct optional user feedback tests on the interface design.
We produce elegant designs for your website and incorporate your content strategies to create compelling websites that engage your visitors and convert them into customers.
We develop fast websites that utilize standard best practices. We develop with the future in mind and only use platforms with a proven track record of support.

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